Wedding/Event Shuttle Service

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Yellow Cab of Iowa City offers quality, economical shuttle service for your big event!

For events, we have multiple full-sized minivans available that will hold six passengers. We charge $50.00/hour per vehicle. So if you would need two vehicles for an hour each, the cost would be $100.00.

We will pro-rate to the half-hour, so you aren’t spending money for time you don’t need.

The vehicle will start at the location of your choice, pick up passengers, take them to the point(s) you designate (hotel or event), then return to the pickup location to repeat the process, for as long as you’ve booked the vehicle. The vehicle does no other business but yours for the entire time you have booked it.

We have been doing this type of service for years. If you find that you need service longer than originally booked, no problem. We are very flexible. We will give you or your designate a special number to call to reach our on-duty dispatchers should you need a sudden change in service.

When configuring how many vehicles you may need, please consider the driving time between pickup and drop-off points. This matters because your guests might go outside expecting to see a vehicle but it is already in route at some point in the line. Booking more vehicles reduces waiting.

One thing we’ve learned from our years of experience with weddings is this: guests will always want to go TO an event at roughly the same time, since there is a definitive starting time. But on the return (i.e. back to a hotel), some guests will tire before others, and so a more expansive window of shuttle availability is recommended. Please keep this in mind when deciding on level of service, and also when considering the capacity of a hotel’s courtesy shuttle (if they offer one).

Payment can be made in advance or the night of the service by meeting up with one of the drivers, or over the phone with our dispatchers. Your guests do not have to worry any payment. No deposit is required.