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Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

May I ask the driver to travel on a specific route?

Yes. Our drivers are instructed to take the shortest possible route to your destination. These are determined by our experience and training. You may request that the driver take any route you wish. However, taking a requested route will cost you more if it is longer than the shortest possible one.

Can the driver accept large bills?

No. As a safety measure, drivers do not carry large amounts of cash with them. The largest bill the driver can accept is $20. If you only have large bills, you can use a debit/credit card, or ask the driver to take you to a location so you can break the bill.

May I pre-pay for my trip over the phone?

No. For security reasons and to prevent fraud, we can only accept credit/debit cards in person. If you wish to pay for a trip for someone else and your card cannot be presented to us, please call and our dispatcher will explain how to use our website to pay for a fare via PayPal. Also, remember that you may always use our phone app to order a ride, and select ‘Pay From the App’ to use the credit card you have saved.

Do you have special rates for certain destinations?

Yes. Please see our rate card for flat-rate fares to popular destinations.

Do you have a lost-and-found?

Yes. Customers often leave items behind in the cabs, and these items are taken back to our dispatch room, where they are kept for 30 days. Please call 319-338-9777 to inquire about lost items. We are not responsible for items lost in the cab.

May I make a reservation to get a cab at a later time?

Yes. Simply call us and tell us when you need a cab. If you are traveling to an airport and need a return trip, you can set that up as well.

Do you transport pets?

Yes. As long as the animal is clean and governed in such a way as to not interfere with the driver, we will gladly transport your pet. Simply inform the dispatcher that you have a pet and wish to transport it with you. We cannot take pets without an owner or caretaker riding along.

Do you have child seats?

Our cabs are not equipped with child seats. In order to transport a child, you must provide your own child restraint system. Iowa Law requires that children under one (1) year of age and weighing less than 20 lbs. must be secured in a rear facing child restraint system. Iowa Law requires that children under six (6) years of age must be secured in a child restraint system.

Why do I get a busy signal when I call?

We have two incoming telephone lines, and if two callers are already calling us, you will get a busy signal. Please wait a minute and try again.

I hailed a cab and the driver refused to take me. Why?

We will transport any orderly person, meaning those who are not threats to themselves or others. Persons who are obviously drunk or who have been witnessed fighting or committing other illegal acts will not be allowed into a cab. For liability reasons, we cannot transport members of the public who, in the opinion of the driver, may need medical attention due to excessive drinking or other medical reasons. Also, if a cab fails to stop for you, it may already have passengers or may already be committed to another call.

May I travel out of town in a taxi?

Yes. Yellow Cab will transport you any place you wish to go. For out-of-town trips, we reserve the right to collect payment in advance. Ask the dispatcher for an estimate to your desired destination.

Do you provide delivery services?

Yes. We often deliver small packages and other items, charging mileage plus a delivery fee. Sorry, we cannot deliver age-restricted products such as alcohol or tobacco.

I am disabled and need assistance. Will you help me?

Yes, as much as possible. The driver is trained to assist you in any way possible, i.e. helping you get into the vehicle, storing a wheelchair or walker, and helping you out of the cab at the completion of your trip. If you have equipment that is too large to fit into the vehicle, we will not be able to help you. If you are disabled and feel you cannot get into a van, please inform the dispatcher so we know to send a sedan.

When the cab arrived I changed my mind, but the driver wanted me to pay anyway. Why?

As with other businesses, once you order our service, we expend our resources to get it to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. If your plans change, you may be asked to pay a “no-show” fee in order for us to recoup the expense. Customers can avoid this fee by waiting until plans are firm before ordering a cab.

My driver asked me to pay in advance. Why?

We have a policy of asking for payment in advance for trips leaving the area. We do this primarily to ensure that the passenger has enough funds to pay for the trip.

I asked for a price from the dispatcher and it wasn't accurate. Why?

Estimates given by the dispatcher are exactly that: estimates. While we make every effort to be accurate, it is not possible to exactly predict every fare from pick-up to drop-off points all over the metropolitan area. Our cabs have taximeters inspected by the City to provide accurate prices. Also, the slightest change in plans may alter the estimate given by the dispatcher. Except for special flat-rate fares (see rate card), our meters progress in 25-cent increments.

Why did my cab arrive later than promised?

Waiting times are an estimate made by the dispatcher based upon information he/she has at the time of your cab order. While we make every effort to be accurate, a number of factors may have delayed your cab’s arrival. Delays in traffic are a common factor in these delays. Also, cabs are dispatched so that you get the cab that is closest to you, and many times a current passenger opts to change plans in some way, causing a delay. The dispatcher cannot predict many of these occurrences, and often it is a fact that the same cab, although delayed, will arrive at your address sooner than sending another cab from a longer distance. We appreciate your patience and realize that your time is valuable to you. Having the largest fleet of cabs in the metropolitan area ensures that even when our estimate is delayed, we can still get to you faster than our competitors.

Do you offer Gift Cards?

Yes. We offer Gift Cards in any amount, and cards are reloadable in any amount. There are no fees associated with our cards. Our cards make perfect gifts, especially for University of Iowa and Kirkwood Students, as well as for Iowa City and Coralville senior citizens. Please see our Gift Card Page.

May I make a reservation that is permanent?

If you need to travel at regular times, you may make a reservation so that you do not have to call us for each trip.

May I request a specific driver?

You may request a certain driver, but we cannot guarantee the driver will be available. While we make every effort to honor your request, several factors may preclude us from sending you the requested driver. The driver could be already on another trip, or be too far away to make it cost-effective for us to send to you.

Can the driver wait for me and take me back?

Yes. Please remember, however, that you will be charged for the time the driver is waiting.

Why was the fare different this time for the same trip?

There are several possible reasons this might happen. If either one or both of the trips have wait time involved, then a difference in the amount of time spent waiting would change the fare. Also, having more or less additional passengers would change the fare, as well as having asked the driver to take a preferred route.